We’ve been making light since 1973


It’s the 1960s and a small company makes its first illuminated signs out of plastic material for hotels, cafés, restaurants along the Adriatic coast of Italy, also known as the Riviera. A stretch of coast experiencing a building boom.

Following specific customer requests , and the need for the business to create a steady work-flow during the winter months, the company started to make the first simple plastic light fixtures. It drew on its specific experience with high quality plastics and the existing methods of moulding and forming.

The success of these simple light fixtures surpassed all expectations and led Roberto Maretti to dedicate himself wholly to the manufacturing of light fittings…it’s1973, and Mareco Luce is born.

From the rational use of plastics to the adoption of new materials, from the battle against light pollution to a high social sensibility, from the continuous technological updating to the collaboration with prestigious designers: our research pushes us to always explore new territories and never be content with the results which we have obtained.

Lighting is our business.
We do it with passion and competence. Since 1973.



Our light fittings should never take away from man the pleasure of looking at the stars.
Each environment has the light that it deserves. Not just any light, but exactly that light, the right light, its light. One cannot and one must not make mistakes.
How many fittings and lighting systems have we made until today, for houses, cities, squares, streets, courtyards, porches, gardens, floors, ceilings, warehouses, shops, showrooms?
We have lost count.
What we know is that each environment is a box full of emotions and sensations,to be felt and savoured, also thanks to light.

Today, we offer to the talent and creativity of the architects and lighting designers a wide and complete range of lighting fittings and accessories that redefine space, indoor or outdoor, at the light of design.



In time, we have grown. A lot.
We have updated our technology, our production processes, our range of products.
On the other hand, we have never forgotten our authentically artisan nature that pushes us relentlessly to always look for the best quality.
Our quality is now recognised by the most important international certification bodies.
But, first of all, it is appreciated by our customers: careful and rigorous judges.

The people


To say that companies are made up of people, today, is almost a habit, which doesn’t always correspond to reality.
For us at Mareco, it is a fundamental truth, which is at the root of our own way of “being a company“.
We didn’t need to copy the excellence of others. Working together, as a team, at all levels, has always come naturally to us.
That’s why we are thankful to all our collaborators.
Without their contribution and their enthusiasm maybe we might have made it anyway.
But it wouldn’t have been the same.

One company very responsible


Companies do not live on the moon. They operate within a territory and a social context from which they receive at least as much as they give in terms of employment and economic growth.
That’s why we program our development in harmony with our environment and the people that live in it. That’s why we give to the less fortunate the opportunity to socially integrate and have a job.
In collaboration with the local municipalities, we integrate in our work force handicapped people as well as prisoners, to whom we offer an important opportunity of social redemption and the possibility to integrate in society.
It’s a little, big project of which we and all our collaborators are deeply proud of.



We invest in quality. Not just product quality, but also manufacturing techniques, service and marketing.
In a modern company everything must say quality and it is for this reason that we have worked long and hard, in spite of the difficulties and temptations towards an easier route.
In December 1996 we obtained the UNI-EN ISO 9002 certification (now know as ISO 9001:2008), recognition of progress made and the commitment towards the future.