Daugai Central Square and Park Zone

Daugai, Lithuania is the location of this project. A small town in the Alytus region, located in the south of Lithuania where there was a requirement to improve the nightscape of their central square.


Tatjana Sergaciova, of Ardena - the project liason on this project  - had this to say on the project:


“The main purpose of this project, from the designer’s point of view, was to provide a modern, effective and economical light. The reasons that we moved towards Mareco Luce’s product were multiple:

  • design of the lamp
  • good technical details (total power, optic and distribution of light)
  • reasonable price


People on the street have been pleasantly surprised by the lighting effect, they also like the design of the lamp and appreciate how it has changed the town square. The electricians also highlighted the ease of installation.”


Project name:Daugai Central Squareand Park Zone

City: Daugai

Architect: Grazina Janulyte Bernotiene

Lighting Designer: Jan Bogusko (Ardena)

Contractor: Drustila JSC

Dealer: Ardena

Product used :

Stud Led