Palat Raznoveanu Fountin


This project is in Iasi, a major town in the eastern part of Romania (in the Region of Moldova) close to the border with Moldova Republic. The aim  was to renew the lighting of the fountain on the main avenue, in the pedestrian heart of the city, in front of the town hall.

Cristian Ghilt, the lighting designer in charge of the project, along with the team, the lighting designer of the company Sfera Global Trading (Bucharest), have selected Aquarius 1 and Cometa RGB by Mareco Luce. Fountain water features of changing colours create  different  chromatic harmonies depending on the different events that take place in the town.

Every night the fountain is lit with classic RGB colour changing sequences, while for special events it is lit with  specific colours.


Adrian Roman (General Manager of Sfera Global Trading) “ The idea was to be flexible and to have different colours or combinations of them for different events. Mareco Luce has the right products to do this. Underwater solutions are not so simple and RGB underwater solutions are even rarer ”.



Project: Palat Raznoveanu Fountin


Lighting Designer: Cristian Ghilt


Contractor: Flash Lighting Services


Dealer :Sfera Global Trading srl


Customer: Municipalità di Iasi (Romania)



Product used :