Piazza Don Sturzo - Marino - ROMA

The main motivating force behind this project was the need for the Marino City Council (Rome) to bring their lighting inline with state laws on lighting pollution, this meant replacing existing urban and garden lighting fixtures.
Mareco Luce’s STUD EVO was selected above others by the city’s architects because of its pleasing aesthetics and its conformity to the technical requirements.

Marino’s 87th annual festival of the grape took place just as the first of these renovated areas were being inaugurated. This is an important festival in the region, which is frequented by well known Italian performers.

The 150W Metal Halide version was selected to illuminate three areas of Marino:

• Piazza Don Sturzo (Don Sturzo Square) (see in photo)
• Parco Spigarelli (Spigarelli Park)
• Piazzale Degli Eroi (Heroes Square)


These are the three initial phases, as time progresses the plan is to replace all of the city’s urban lighting with the STUD EVO.


Designer: Marino Council’s in-house technical office:


• Mr. Constantino Di Giulio
• Mr. Paolo Terribili
• Mr. Romolo Broganelli


Installer: Morelli Antonio (Marino)
Distributor: Sonepar Italy (Ciampino Branch)
Consultant: Mareco Luce’s agent for Lazio – DSD, Rome

Product used :

Stud Led   Stud System Ø102/60

Don Sturzo Square 01
Don Sturzo Square 02
Don Sturzo Square 03
Don Sturzo Square 04