16 12 2011 - Barcellona


Barcellona, Barrio, Miro'

Designer: Mattia Dipalo

These products represent a re-mix of a classical theme, we have taken some popular shapes and added our personal touch.

From the added safety of an electrical cut-out switch, to the use of a non-yellowing PMMA diffuser (IK08), on the outside it is a classic, on the inside it is modern.

Barcellona, Barrio and Miro' are distinctly Spanish words with a common theme:

Barcellona: Gaudi', Las Ramblas, the Nou Camp...

Barrio: an area/ quarter of a city

Miro': Joan Miro', a highly respected artist, born in Barcelona.

The common theme is a beautiful city, a city full of colour, full of passion, brimming with life.

A beautiful city is also one which has the right balance of light, whilst still allowing you to see the stars. It is for this reason that we offer Barcellona and Barrio Eco. The anti-glare system (Eco) is coated black and completely covers the lamp offering the nocturnal urban explorer comfortable ground light, whilst being easy on the eyes.

From 2012 you will also be presented with the possibility of using the new white version of Barcellona and Barrio. A special matte-white adds a touch of understated class to urban nightscapes and daytime landscapes.

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