23 11 2020 - Catalogo operativo 2021


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We make light, since 1973

We make lighting systems, manufactured in Italy, for indoors
and outdoors, that respond to the needs of the general public,
of companies, of councils, in Italy and in the world.
We are known firstly for the reliability of our products, for their
functionality and for the right balance between quality and price.
From the rational use of plastic to the use of brand new materials,
from the struggle against visual pollution to a constantly present
social sensibility, from the attention of every detail to continual
technological updating, the cooperation with important
designers; our research pushes us not to be satisfied with the
results we reach and to explore new grounds.
Today the Mareco Luce brand is a reference point for all
well qualified members of the lighting industry: consultants,
designers, architects. Because lighting doesn’t just mean
illuminating a space to show it up.
It means reinventing it, interpreting it, defining outlines, volumes,
light and shade so that you can perceive all three dimensions.
It means unlocking the secrets and raising, through light, the
value of shade.
Lighting is our job.
We do it with passion and competence. Since 1973.