31 01 2012 - Chone Solar


Chone solar (FV)


The very first of our “all-in-one-solar” products, it made its debut in the 2008 catalogue.

The growing request for “green” lighting, coupled with our desire to do it properly, led us to study a clean, compact and integrated system. Here the most important element was performance, because this was what was required to set it apart from the competition.

A 4 night guarantee, a flush mounted solar panel, hidden battery pack and hidden LEDs render this product unique. The key here is the 4 night guarantee, this is what renders our product unique, and goes a long way in reassuring and justifying the investment in solar.

As well as being completely integrated, this product is completely automatic. It turns on approx. 15 minutes after sunset and runs for 8 hours.
The advantages here are two-fold:


  • it “runs-on-sun” – free and abundant (in many parts of the world) and


  • automatic running – we can forget about the product because it turns itself on and off.


Chone solar is designed for use on 1-2mt poles and it can be mounted anywhere in the garden, as long as it can receive direct sunlight. This is a very important point, it must receive direct sunlight.

This is the only downside of solar products: they require “sun-to-run”. We have thought of a few features to help though:


  • 4 night guarantee – translated into hours: 32 hours or 4 nights (32/8hrs per night = 4 nights). For example, Chone solar will guarantee to switch on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night even if it does not recharge after Monday (assuming that on Monday it had a 100% battery charge). However, if it does not recharge properly on Friday it may not work for that night.


  • Products are supplied in the “off” position to ensure that when they arrive to the customer the battery has some residual charge – otherwise they would turn on and off in their dark box during shipping. During installation the product needs to be set to the “ON” position.


Mareco Luce can also supply customers with the small garden poles and mounting flange, saving unnecessary time and costs in hunting for these other components.


Summary of advantages for Chone solar:

Runs-on-sun: zero carbon footprint, peace of mind knowing your garden is “greenly” lit

Ease of installation: on existing garden poles, or onMareco Luce poles – all that is required is a flat mounting surface. Saving your garden from costly and potentially damaging electrical installation.

Completely automatic on/off: simplifying our busy lives and offering an organic solution which automatically adapts to the changes in seasons.

High performance with very low glare: lighting your garden and not the night sky

Low risk: 4 night guarantee will ensure that Chone solar will illuminate when you need it most.