16 12 2011 - Inauguration of the Mareco Luce workshop within the Forli prison


The concept of assembling Mareco Luce products and components inside the prison started seven years ago.

This idea came from the desire of the board of directors to offer employment opportunities and real support to detainees: a small helping hand to some of the forgotten members of society.

During these seven years, 27 people have had the opportunity to participate. Each and everyone of them, after completing their time, was offered the possibility of receiving a “small grant” to support them while looking for employment, or help them to return home. Three of them have even continued their employment within our factory.

Obviously, this is not something that we have done alone. Many are the people that have united to help us to achieve this goal: Active supervision from the Employment Office of Forli, the Unions, the Chief Warden, Social Services, and Employment Training Services.

In 2004 the gymnasium of the prison guards was generously donated so that the workshop could take form. It was fitted with only the bare necessities required for simple production.

In 2011, with a combined grant from the Province of Forli, Forli City Council, Cesena City Council and the Rubicone City Council, important renovations have been carried out in the workshop, improving and bringing everything up to standard.

For Mareco Luce, the inauguration confirms our desire to continue, not to give up – even though these are hard times – on a socially responsible, rich and rewarding experience. An experience which shows a different way, our way, of entrepreneurship.