24 09 2012 - Inground problem solvers


LIRA 180

we have a brand new range of inground uplights: LIRA - from the 40mm (Lira 40) up to the 240mm (Lira 240).

Corrosion proof rings (stainless steel AISI 316L)
Easily mounted with pre-Cabled with tailored length cable (up to 2mt)
Seepage proof through resin bath on terminal block (from Lira 95 – Lira 240)
High protection rating IP67
Versatility – inground, wall, ceiling mounting options
Easily identifiable – Lira 95 = 95mm diameter
Adjustable beam direction – even for versions with lamp holder only
Lamp holder only options for LED.
These products are great problem solvers because they come standard with a resin bath over the internal terminal block (meaning moisture cannot enter from below) and are supplied with a tailored length of cable, meaning that the wiring in is done from outside the product.
We supply the empty fitting, you supply the lamp. What is slightly unique to this range is the opportunity for you to put the LED lamp inside the fitting.  This is common for the more standard lamp sources, but a new concept for the LED lamp sources. GU4, GU10, GU5.3, E27 are the lamp holders available for the LED lamps.
Made in Italy, this entire range is priced to sell.
Please ask us for a quotation.

Product highlight:

Lira 180

-Dimension – 140mm
-AISI 316L stainless steel ring

-Anodized die-cast aluminium body

-5 different beam angles for single colour LED

10 ° - Narrow
20°  - Narrow  / Medium
25 ° - Medium
30 ° - Medium / Wide
30°  - Medium / Wide(RGB version)
40°  - Wide


3x3W  LED for single colour version
3x3W LED for RGB version
-Natural white (NW) 4000K 580lm CRI85
-Warm white (WW) 2700K 490lm CRI90
-E27 7W (NW) 25° 1200cd
-E27 7W (WW) 25° 1000cd
-E27 7W (NW) 40° 550cd
-E27 7W (WW) 40° 450cd
-RGB - full color 3x3W

- Inground mounting

- traditional lamp versions

- FBT 18W E27 w/o reflector
- FSM 18W Gx24d2
- MT 20W GU6.5 adjustable optics ± 15° with beam optics 10°-30°-60°


- Inground mounting

-Drive-over: 2000kg at 20km/h