05 04 2012 - Mareco Luce 2012-2013 Catalogues


For those of you who visited us during the recent Light + Building 2012 we would like to say thank you for using some of your valuable time in visiting us, for those of you that didn't get a chance to visit, we are proud to communicate that we now have three brand new catalogues: Solar, LED and General

The Solar Catalogue encompasses our desire to share some very intelligent products and to explain how they work, and more importantly, how they could work for you. We have gone into great detail and given concrete examples. Our aim was to build a catalogue to guide decision making and understanding in an area of outdoor lighting where very little is known, and even less is explained.

The LED Catalogue is new for Mareco Luce and offers you a complete range of landscape lighting products from a very small marker LED to a decorative street light. Our product range can solve a large percentage of lighting requirements for public and private gardens. This year the range has been significantly improved by the addition of LIRA, our complete range of inground lights. The LIRA range is also easily identifiable, the name is the description eg. LIRA 40 has a diameter of 40mm, Lira 95 has a diameter of 95mm.

The General Catalogue has not been ignored with 8 new products being added. Products such as Tube, LIRA range and Monda. We have also brought back WHITE as a colour option for many of our products.

We at Mareco Luce have made quite a few changes this year: New Catalogues + New Products. We look forward to seeing you at the fair to show you both, if you cannot visit us then please ask us for the catalogue(s) which interests you the most.