30 10 2012 - Our solution for your location.


Our solution for your location.

This is the fifth chapter of our Solar Tutorials. So far we have looked the components of the system (panel + battery + heart/ecb) and the advantages of  Stand-alone Solar Lighting.
The purpose of this tutorial is to look at how to evaluate which product could be suitable for your application, and your location.

1. The first question must be:

- What is the application that you have in mind? Do you require to light a car park, a hotel garden, a secondary road?

- What, if any, are the lighting requirements for this application?

2. The second question is then:

- Where is the location of the potential project?

When we know what and where we can use the information available on the Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (
PVGIS) to enable us to calculate, with a high degree of certainty, which system to propose and how the system would work.

When we create the simulation we do so based on the solar radiation present in the “worst” month, which usually corresponds to one of the months of winter (which changes based on Northern and Southern Hemispheres).

We then look at the various options that can be selected for our products (eg. Nightly Guarantee, Timer Mode, occupancy sensor) and see how they would affect operation.

When we have looked at all of the above we can then provide you with our proposal to suit your requirements.

In our 2012 Solar Catalogue we have given various examples in Italy and Northern Europe for Stud and Deva Solar. If you would like us prepare a simulation for your specific project, all you need to do is to let us know What and Where.