21 05 2014 - an opportunity...


"The fair is an opportunity for interaction, discussion and even opportunities, as the last L+B edition definitely showed us.

Chances are that sometimes all of us involved are asked to give an opinion on the outcome of this event and everyone feels like being a little embarrassed, at least once, in giving an unconvinced answer, building up hopes more than facts.

We can now state instead, with full knowledge and belief, that the exhibition was a great success, so we think that we need to be really grateful to our staff, all contributing in different ways to this great result.

We are also grateful to all visitors who dedicated us their time and interest and trusted us confirming orders even before we got back home.

The great interest and appreciation in our new Solar products boosts our enthusiasm and persistence in believing in such a charming project, which is also so complex and trendy.

We thank all of our customers who have been supporting us for years and who met us to see all new products we introduced at the fair.

Their appreciation but even their critics just help us improving and achieving new goals year after year.”

The President

Luca Maretti