Yeosu - South Korea

Yeosu World Expo 2012, South Korea


The newly opened “World Fair” is a showcase for the “Living Ocean and Coast”. An official International Exposition its main goal is “to enhance the international community’s perception of the function and value of the ocean and coast, share knowledge on the proper use of the ocean and coast and recognize the need for cooperation in the marine sector.”

Located in the south of main island of South Korea, Yeosu was selected as an ideal position because of it proximity to the ocean, and the rejuvenation of Yeosu’s declining port provides direct evidence of how the themes and goals of the Expo can be achieved.

Although Mareco Luce’s Stud Solar is not directly related to the above themes, it is indirectly involved in one of the sub-themes: Coastal Development and Preservation, because of it’s Zero energy requirement.

Soo-hyun Lee, International Operations Manager of Hwang-duck Engineering, had this to say about the product selection:

“Mareco Luce’s Stud Solar was chosen for two main reasons:


  1. “Green” technology – it is completely independent from the grid and is solar powered.
  2. It could be installed anywhere, there was no need for electrical wiring to be brought to the location of the fitting.

The Stud Solar can be found near the “Big -O”, on the outskirts of the fair at drop-off points, and in other selected locations.


Project name: Yeosu World Expo 2012, South Korea


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City: Yeosu


Lighting Designer: Bitzro & Partners


Distributor: Hwang-duck Engineering

Product used :

Stud Led